Who is Nonsane ? | Shamik Adhikary

Days are gone when teenagers used to fight over television remote, now they prefer to stick their nose on smartphones to be precise spending time on checking out digital content created by new-age influencers which have fuelled the Indian content creation market even more. 

Every day hundreds of new content creators are coming up with their extraordinary talent. One of the rising stars is AKA Nonsane AKA Shamik Adhikary who posted his first video on May 10 2020 about What Bengali Moms Say Often during the lockdown. Because of his extremely relatable and congenial content with the state-of-the-art presentation, he can easily win the heart of GEN Z viewers. 

When people struggled to deal with the lockdown and new normal chores Shamik was busy flaunting his comedy skills and which has given a relaxing window to many. Want to know more about this emerging sensation? Scroll down: 

In today’s scenario, it is difficult to find a Bengali teenager who doesn’t know Shamik, his comedy videos on Facebook makes people shake with laughter, for which they can’t stop playing it again and again and share with friends. This 20-year-old content creator residing in Kolkata puts his heart to take the concept of ¬comedy content to the next level. 

The main USP of his content is the uniqueness of topics and Bengali: regional language as the source of communication. This backbencher is a great observer of things that reflects in his content. The key topics of Shamik’s content are the middle-class communitys’ plethora of emotions that people enjoy most. 

Let’s dig deeper into some stat! His Facebook page “Nonsane” has 338k followers (now, 30-05-2021) who are mostly from the Bengali community. 

If you still don’t know Shamik you are surely missing out on watching some of the mind-boggling and trending entertaining content. One of his most viewed content is Pujo Shopping With Maa which has crossed 2 million views, people could relate with the tonality and flooded the comment section with their pure and funny reactions. Another well-performed video is Online Teacher, where he sarcastically showed the struggle of teachers and students to connect online during the new normal scenario, which was extremely relevant during the time. 

Shamik has enjoyed his school days like many of us, being a middle-class guy at heart this budding creator made those days more lively by giving it a funny perspective. If you watch his “Pa Chata Student” video you will quickly recall that one student in your class, which is another reason it took the desi internet like a virus, it triggered the raw nerve of middle-class people like never before! 

Let’s hear Shamik’s own voice about his content creation experience! 
“I grew up in Kolkata surrounded by very caring family members and friends, I have experienced the core middle-class emotions while growing up. I used to remain a bystander and now I understand why (laughed)! 
When I think back it feels like I have saved those emotions for my videos. I used to mimic in front of my friends about our teachers and relatives, they inspired me a lot to take up content creation seriously. I started making the comedy videos in lockdown to provide people with a reason to laugh and calm down. Truly I had no idea it would go that far, people would recognise me in the market or malls.  I was still experimenting, and I will continue to do that in the future because I have my heart in it.” 

We truly amazed by the way Shamik has introduced us not only to our childhood days but also to how our perspective is changing with different situations. Shamik will come up with more hilarious experiments in his upcoming content, where you will find him relating with people within seconds. So, stay tuned with your favourite Nonsane.