13 Most Haunted Places In Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of Joy contains some scary folders within. Kolkata has some top scary haunting places that are famous for paranormal activities all over India. Kolkata, with its glorious past, hugs the ever old stories in the dark of night under the city lights after the city settles down under the blanket. Escaping the nights after 12 in Kolkata, there are also some intuitions and undescribable feels happened to have felt by a lot of people in the daylight. This entirely makes it unbelievable not to accept that there is an existence of something flesh and blood.

Amidst the joy, there are real haunted stories in Kolkata that ensure to drive all your bravery in the daylight. If you have much interest in Paranormal activities Kolkata can surely be a splendid place for you. Discover the abnormality in the normal public places of Kolkata.
To help you do better with your investigations and purposes, here we list down the top 13 Haunted Places in Kolkata.

1.  National Library:
The National Library in Kolkata can be designated as one of the top haunted places in India. It is quite well known for all the spooky and dark energies. It is one of the ancient buildings in the heart of Kolkata, standing with an enormous glorious heritage and millions of stories in the pages of the book it contains.
With season and weather, it has become a hub of those creatures which do not get their place like the solely soulful human beings.
The National Library was built in 1863, used to be the residence of the former Governor-General in the era of British. It is an exclusive place to extract information on ancient days and plentiful hidden prestigious past. 
It is believed that Lady Metcalfe, wife of Governor-General had an obsession with cleanliness and she used to roam about the bookshelves cleaning them. It is reported by many people that they felt someone was looking at them as they worked or read a book in the library. The guards reported they hear some unpleasant sounds that strike them as not so normal in late nights. Some say they have even witnessed shadows of a lady on the wall. 

To spice up the entire matter and make you believe how true is the existence of paranormal activist is in the year 2010, the Archeological Survey Of India discovered a secret chamber in the ground floor of the Indian Museum. 

It is rumored that the secret chamber was used to a torture chamber during the Brtish rule in India. This indicates the presence of how thirsty souls in the place. 
The matter engraved when 12 laborers die at the site during the renovation of the Secret chamber. This took the matter to a whole different peak. 

The incidents are truly horrific and there are numerous witnesses who hold accounts of such scary and stunting incidents.

2. Kolkata Putul Bari or The House Of Dolls:

The name itself is quite suspicious but in a way lesser than the actual activities going on inside the mansion. It is a very old two-storeyed house in North Kolkata. In a city like Kolkata, where a huge number of people sleep on the pavements and shelters under the tree, the first floor of the big house remains vacant. So, you can easily estimate the seriousness and amount of proof the neighborhood carries. 

The villa got its name from the designs and paintings of dolls engraved deep in the walls of the mansion. It is believed it is the house of some old rebound Zamindar of North Kolkata, who brought women from variable places to satisfy his pleasures. 

The residents of the ground floor entail that sounds of women wails and hysterical laughter of a man's voice is audible at night. Other than these a lot of other sounds of a moving chair and slamming of doors along with the sounds of anklets and bangles are also heard. 
People claim to have also witnessed the swinging armchair. 

To the amazement, none in the neighbor have ever complained about any disturbance or problem. It seems like they are quite accustomed to such a thing and it does not bother their way of living.

3. Kolkata Dock:

The Kolkata Dock is one of the oldest places in Kolkata, which is still in super usage. The Kolkata Dock was built by Nawab Wajid Ali. He reached Kolkata from Awadh in the dream to establish a business term with the Britishers. But it is known that the British Traders ditched him. After years of wait and commission the ships, he was never answered by Britishers. 

In rage and anger, he settles down in Calcutta and released his last breath as he suffered through this trauma. 

People working in the dock often report they see the shadow of Nawab Wajid Ali, and even hears his ruthless heavy voice, instructing his workers. 
It is accountable that a lot of dock workers have paralyzed after seeing something abrupt and it is still not known what exactly they witnessed. 

This puts the audience into utmost suspense, and it is truly terrific to imagine something so horrific. 

4. Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station:

Ever tried to board the last train from the Rabindra Sarobar Metro Station? Well, do not try to.
It is one the busiest station of the North to South Connecting Metro Railway. It is also known as the Suicide Point of the City of Joy. The Station has witnessed the maximum number of Suicides and it is known the unsatisfied souls still haunts in the station.

A lot of travelers claim to have witnessed, a human figure in white long dress walking down the metro railway tracks. Even a lot of drivers would take a sudden halt before entering the station as they say they have seen someone walking past the lines. 
Shadows are seen in the pillar and quick footsteps are also heard, but when looked no one was seen. 

The passengers of the last metro of the day hurry out to exit the statin because they feel it is not very secure. Thus the Rabindra Sarobar Metro station becomes one of the renowned places of paranormal activities in Kolkata.

5.  Writer's Building:

No one agrees for a night shift in the Writer's Building. It is a giant building standing at BBD Bagh, Kolkata- 700001. It was established in the late 70s, for Britisher's administrative works and now continues to a center for State Government's Official works. 

It is known that there are a number of large, vacant rooms in the building which are left unopened for ages. The Main historical event which is believed to have raised such activities in the building is, on 8th December 1930 the trio Binay, Badal, and Dinesh assassinated Captain Simpson, of the East India Company. 
The pavement vendors and night's guard say the traumatic and deadly screams of Captain Simpson is audible late at night. The large rooms are known to the home for paranormal activities and unpleasant souls.
It is not known for hurting or hampering others, yet something is really strange. The Loud sound of cries and howls also remains indescribable.

6.  Hasting's House:

The Hasting's House is the institute for women's education, under Calcutta University is another extremely haunted destination in Kolkata. It is located in Alipore. It was built by Warren Hasting, The first Governor-General of India under the British Rule for his own residence.  Now it is known as Bhoot Bangla for all the spooky and abnormal activities happen in it. 
The students and the staffs report many a time they have seen the Englishman roaming around the premises and corridors of the college. They say the unpeaceful soul of Hasting himself haunts the place. To add on to make this relevant, it is accounted that a boy died a very unnatural death while playing football inside the college premise.  Even the girls claim they have seen the small boy running across the corridor numerous times. 

The place holds a lot of suspense and frights, which ensures the Place to be left entirely vacant after the sunset. 

7. Howrah Bridge:

Apart from being an architectural amusement, it is known for the spooky spirits. It was built in the 70s by the British Government. There have been a lot of incidents of Suicide from the Howrah Bridge which makes it evident for the existence of some abnormalities in the air under the Howrah Bridge. 
The wrestlers and the priests who visit the ghats of Ganges early morning often say they see hands right above the surface of water asking for help, at times even screams for help. Now that it is known to be an active place for such weird activities no one ever tried to figure out whether the hands are of real people or some spirits. 

And time back when some tried to reach at help for those drowning hands as reported to have drowned along with it. 
Some also report that they have heard an old woman calling out their names and whoever responded to the call, are found dead lying on the ghats, and no trace was found about their deaths. 

8.  Royal Turf Club:

It is located at Bidhan Nagar, Salt Lake sector 1. The renowned racecourse is actually a home to many abnormal incidents. It is a hub to many avoided guests. The place is known for a lot of incidents revolving around, ' William Saheb Ka Sada Ghora'.

In the late 30s, a Horse racing enthusiast named George Willam had five white horses. Among the 5 the one named Pearl was his favorite. Pearl was extremely gorgeous and won almost every race it ran. Pearl ran last race in the Annual Kolkata Derby, where it lost the race, and William Lost a lot of money. According to the traditions of the particular time, Pearl's dead body was found on the railway tracks, the next morning after the race. 
In those times, it was prevalent that when a horse becomes ill or aged and is unable to provide service it was killed so as to free it from all the sufferings and pain. But the tension remains retained, where Pearl of  Killed to abide by the traditions or out of Willam's frustrations?

People Conclude the White Horse is still seen running on the racecourse of Turf, releasing scary neigh. The sound of hooves is heard most on Saturdays. No one knows the reason behind it. but everyone guesses either the last race it ran was on Saturday or it killed brutally on a Saturday. 

9.  South Park Street Cemetry:

It is the oldest graveyard of Kolkata. South Park Street Cemetry is a very often visited place by college-goers. It tops the tales of horror in Kolkata. It has numerous spooky tales. 

The graveyard has graves of limitless Britishers since it has been existing since The British Era. 
People visiting the cemetery often say, there a sudden abrupt feeling, which is felt once you enter the cemetery. I personally can't deny the very fact. 
It is house to more than 1700 graves, which are now covered by creepers and mosses. 

The presence of some negative force was proven in South Cemetry when a group of tourists, captured a figure wearing white clothes amidst the tombs. They initially felt it to be elusive, but after a lot of research and reads, there were multiple people who captured similar photographs. 

No one exactly knows or has not seen someone in real over there, but again nobody would deny that there some spiritual involvement. 

After the dusk, it looks creepier and scarier. One is sure to get some negative vibes from the place when passed by. 

10.  Lower Circular Road Cemetery:

It is now a memorial of the past and not accessed by city people any longer. And obviously, this is one big reason why the place is listed here. The space abandoned by flood and flesh, it is occupied by the ones who belong to the other realms. 

The Lower Circular Road cemetery is well known for Paranormal activities.  

The story of this place revolves around a corpse burial which happened during the First Anglo-Afghan War. 

Sir William Hay MacNagten, a Civil Servant in the British Era, was killed mercilessly in the First Anglo-Afghan War. His body was ripped apart into pieces. Sir William Hay MacNagten's wife went to Afghanistan and accumulated all the parts of his, brought them t Kolkata, and buried it in the Lower Circular Road Cemetry. 
It is witnessed several times by many visitors that when this story is narrated or it is spoken of Sir William Hay MacNagten then the tree near the trembles.

This proves the presence of the wrecked thirsty soul, and it is believed he is waiting to take his revenge. 

11.  Nimtala Crematorium:

It the oldest of all crematoriums in the city. Usually, it is usual to witness some negative energy in such places. Because from all walks of life, irrespective of wanted or unwanted, expected or unexpected deaths are burnt here. The souls often do not escape and haunt the people, that either did bad to him or her or tries to takes along with someone they love the most. 
This is also mentioned in religious and traditional books. 

On the nights of Kali Puja or Amavasya (No moon), a lot of Aghoris visit the place and tries to attain negative energy and gain power. They chant to have control over the souls which persist. 

These activities are very risky and scary. A little chaos in the rituals even causes death to the Yogis or Aghoris. It is suggested not to visit such places at night and never in the nights of full darkness or Amavasya no matter what. 

12.  The Ghats of Beautiful Ganges:

The Ghats of Ganges has witnessed numerous deaths unnatural deaths precisely. Especially the Ghat nearest to the Howrah Bridge. The deaths near the ghats are either suicide cases or drowning. 

None of the deaths are normal. So a spirit that attains death of satisfaction often known to be around the place of death. thus, making the Ghats one of the haunting places as the negative souls haunt the places. 

A lot of dead bodies are also burnt along the banks of the Ganges, which also aggravate the paranormal activities in the areas.

Trace of human figures in white is often noticed late nights as reported by visitors. Hands of drowning people seeking help are also witnessed. 

Mullick Ghat and Zanana ghat are exclusive other than Ghat nearest to the Howrah Bridge for paranormal activities.

13.  Wipro Office:

It is not much seen that a part of the tech-based office is known as one of the most haunted places in Kolkata.  A part of this office is left vacant and employees are prohibited from this zone for it is known to be an active hub of paranormal activities. 

The office is located in Salt Lake, basically, it was built on a wetland. The area around used to be graveyard before. It is the only reason applicable to the existence of such negative powers. 

The employees have reported numerous times that they have seen some kind of shadows and patches from the windows in the late evenings. 
They have even heard things falling and hysterical laughter. 
Even the guards at night shift complained of strange sounds from the restricted zone.


Kolkata, the city of joy have a lot of haunting secrets that scratches the walls of tombs in the cemetery, the wall of heritage embedded buildings, and even the Ghats of Holy Ganges. It is better to avoid the places listed above for they are listed here for a cause, framed words listed from the reality. Take no chance for no adventure ultimately the truth remains in the darkness. 

Which Truth?
The truth of the darkness, the mysterious powers, and the negative spirits.