Top 10 Boy's School In Kolkata

To choose a good school for your child is truly a big struggle deal. Excluding the basic academics, there are many other criteria to look for when it comes to selecting a school for your ward. Some of these important criteria are the location of the institute, infrastructure, mode of studies, co circular activities, the board of affiliation, the convenience of commute, and so on. 

In recent times, a lot of parents prefer a girl's or boy's specific schools. There is numerous co-educational school but the increasing demands have led to the development of many only boy's schools in the city of Kolkata.

In the era of rat race and neck to neck competition, every parent struggles a lot to get their child admitted to the best school. The best in the above statement does not only indicate best in academics but also sports, cultural activities, self-defensive skill, and social works.
School plays a very important role as it frames an individual's mentality, mends his or her manner, brings out the talents in a being,  responsible for all-round development. Thus choosing an ideal school is very important.
So, to help you find a good, reputed school for you son, we list down the best 10 boy's school in Kolkata:

1. The Calcutta Boy's School:

calcutta boys
Type: Private Institution.
Address: 72, S.N.Banerjee Road, Maula Ali, Taltala, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)
Founder:  Bishop James A Thoburn.
Establishment year: 1877
Language: English (as the first language)
Campus: Urban

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Why is Calcutta Boy's School a great Education center?

The Calcutta Boy's School is a Christian minority, anglo-Indian, English medium school. The school holds a reputation for its sincere and bright students, for whom the school is majority responsible.
The school not only shapes its students to their goals in life but also manners, discipline through several interesting activities. the location of the institute is remarkable and has a school bus service for students. The entrance of the school is well decorated and it covers a large area.
The faculty emphasizes on developing the students spiritually and getting the best of them in any realm they find interest in. They have various events almost throughout the year. Be it inter-house events within school or interschool events.
They have a special indoor games arena and look after their students all over welfare.
This school can surely be a great choice for it enhances their student's life with every bit of essentially. The alumni list marks the greatness of the school.

2. St. James School: 

st james school
Type:  Private Institution.
Address: 165, Acharya Jagdish Chandra Bose, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)
Founder: Bishop Cotton
Establishment year: 1864
Language: English (First Language)
Campus: Urban

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What makes St. James School a great choice?

St. James School is a renowned old school for boys, be it in academics or other activities it initiates its students to develop themselves wholly.
Their teaching process ensures the disciplined life of their student along with excellent guidance for their career.

The school is located in one of the busiest places in Kolkata and thus is an exclusive great place for transportation access which makes it a popular choice.

To add on, the school is well decorated and beautifully gardened. It has well-furnished laboratories for the best help to the students. Along with other facilities it has well maintained indoor game sets. The classroom is huge and well decorated.

It has a library with a lot of books. Not only academic books but also other guide books and stories books for its students.

With proper guidance and progressive process, they shape the best students which are depicted in the alumni listing. It is an absolutely great school for your ward for a great future.


3. Don Bosco School

Don Bosco School
Type: Private Institution.
Address: 23, Darga Road, Park Circus, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)
Founder: Part of Salesians of Don Bosco
Establishment year: 1958
Language: English (First Language)
Campus: Urban


What makes Don Bosco a great institutional center?

Don Bosco school can be a great school for your ward. High valued and sincere administration has led to the development of this pioneer institution. They have a well-balanced routine of academics and co circular activities for the overall development of its students.
It is a Roman Catholic English Medium School. The area it covers is huge and absolutely beautiful decorated with gardens. It is a green segment amidst the concrete rivered city buildings. The classrooms are huge and air-conditioned. 
The laboratories are well equipped and well ventilated. Very spacious and with big playgrounds it can a great school for your ward. Well decorated and scheduled cultural clubs for all-round welfare of students.
It provides a well-garnished library. It has a school bus service available for its students and a good conditioned medical room for any medical emergency within the premise of school. It also facilitates computer-aided learning and other technologically advanced facilities. 

4. Birla High School:

Birla High School
Type: Private Institution
Address: 1, Moira Street, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CBSE
Founder: Lakshmi Niwas Birla
Establishment year: 1941
Language: English (First Language)
Campus: Urban


What makes it a great school for boys?

It is a group of the Birla Group and a renowned English medium school in recent times. With large playgrounds and great infrastructure, the school is beautiful in the city, filled with green and highly maintained buildings is a great institute of education.
The school promotes technological advancements, with digital classrooms, airconditioned classrooms, and activities to enhance the digital site of involvement. Apart from creating the students digitalized they also enhance their cultural interest and initiate their interest in the traditions and cultures of the country.
They provide well-equipped laboratories and classrooms for a better understanding of their students.
The big playgrounds help the 5 students to move ahead with their dreams of being athletes and a number of names in the alumni list are a sportsperson.
The school promises all-round development and well being of its students to secure the best future to their pupils.

5. La Martinere For Boys

La martinere For boys
Type: Private Institution
Address: 11, Dr. U.N. Bramhachari Street, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)
Founder: Claude Martin
Establishment year: 1836
Language: English (First Language)
Campus: Urban


Why is La Martinere For Boys is a good choice?

It is one of the prestigious Schools in the City of Joy. The school is located right in the center of the city with enhances, proper transportation facilities. The School has a great premise, green and healthy. Despite the city pollution, they maintain very sanity and healthy decorum with the premise.

The school avails a choice of the three streams - Science, Commerce and Humanities for +2 courses.

The school has air-conditioned classrooms.
They look after a student all round well being and are well known for hosting many interschool competitions. They have absolutely well maintained, large labs for their students.

Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Fully air-conditioned Computer labs are accessed.

It has an amazing library for a better guide to students with ample books and question papers for student's guide.

The library not only has the academic book but also the story and other fictional books for their students.

They have a sports arena and smart class facilities. They have medical facilities for emergency cases.
Overall La Martinere for girls is a great school to give your daughter a good education, disciplined lifestyle, and enhance all-round development. 

6. St. Lawrence High School

St. Lawerence High school
Type: Private Institution.
Address: 27, Ballygaunge circular Road, Ballygaumge, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: West Bengal Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary
     Education. (State Board)
Founder: St. Lawerence Rodgriues
Establishment year: 1937
Language: English
Campus: Urban


What makes St. Lawrence High school one of the best Boys school in Kolkata?

St. Lawrence High school is an old school that has its name written high up for its excellence in academics and side by side other relative activities. 
They put equal emphasis on academics and other related activities and promote collaborative learning. The institute helps in realizing the student's actual potentials. 
The infrastructure is truly remarkable. Air-conditioned and updated chemistry, physics, biology, computer laboratories help students to grow their interest. 
This is a great choice for your son if you prefer state board that is  West Bengal Council For Higher Secondary education over other boards. The institution hosts a lot of programs and events for the all-round development of its students.

7. St. Mary's Orphanage And Day School

St. Mary Orphanage and Day school
Type: Private Institution
Address: 103, Dumdum Road, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)
Founder: Edmund Rice
Establishment year: 1848
Language: English (First Language)
Campus: Urban


What makes the school in the best school for boys?

The school introduced by Edmund Rice is a well-disciplined school with beautiful front area beautifully designed gardens. The alumni list can claim the goodness of the school. The faculty is renowned and makes the students involved in many charitable and social works.

They look after all-round development of their students. Not only they shape them to be successful but also good human beings. The labs are well maintained and equipped.

Alike a few other institutes it also reflects the British Architectural plans. The School uniform is also very pretty and the teachers put high attention on the spoken language.

They take part in a lot of interschool activities and leads a thorough all dimensional development of its pupils. 



8. Narendrapur Ramkrisna Mission School

Narendrapur Ramkrishna Mission school
Type: Residential Boys School.
Address: Kolkata, India at headquarters at Belur
Board of Affiliation: West Bengal Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
Founder: It is a branch of Ramkrishna Mission.
Establishment Year: 1957
Language: Bengali (First Language)
Campus: Urban


What makes the school a great choice for boys?

The institution carries a very traditional and prestigious mode of education and processes. it still holds back the traditional mode of teaching. 
There is a pure bond between the teachers and students of the institution. The students of this pioneer institute reach great heights. 
The students imbibe well-disciplined lives and ideologies which further help them to move ahead in life. 
A number of prestigious figures in today's World are a contribution to this institution. 
Thus, to enlighten your son with care and disciplined and wisdom-filled life, there cannot be a better choice for your ward.


9. St. Xavier's Collegiate School

st. Xavier's collegiate school
Type: Private Institute
Address: 30, Mother Teresa Sarani, Kolkata, India.
Board of Affiliation: CISCE, (ICSE and ISC)
Founder: Society of Jesus and named after Francis Xavier.
Establishment Year: 1860
Language: English
Campus: Urban


What makes the school a great choice for boys?

The Institute religious-affiliated to Roman catholic is one of the oldest schools in the city, covering a wide area. It has a huge campus green and beautiful. It is located just in the center of the city. 
Great infrastructures and well-maintained laboratories and classrooms along with play areas and indoor game areas make it a great choice for the pupils.

The Institute secures a good position in different areas of sports, co circular activities, and academics too.
This can be an ideal choice for your daughter without any hesitation. 

10. Scottish Church Collegiate School

Scottish church collegiate school
Type: Private Institute.
Address: 73, Bidhan Sarani, 32/8, Beadon Street,
Board of Affiliation: West Bengal Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.
Founder: Alexander Duff
Establishment Year: 1830
Language: English
Campus: Urban


What makes the school a great choice for boys?


It is among the oldest schools in Bengal that is maintaining its integrity and prestige even today.
The institute has a number of cultural and event clubs and they host many events for inter-school competition. They look after all over well being of its students.

It has a very well equipped laboratory and a well-maintained library, with air-conditioned computer laboratories. The library is big and has many books and question papers for helping its students.

Apart from prioritizing academics, the institute motivates the student to reach heights in other segments of society. Thus it can be a great choice for your ward for an excellent guide for a better future.

 Choosing the right school for your ward is very necessary because a school, its ambiance, teaching methods,  influences a student's life greatly. So it is very necessary to read and know about the school details before you decide to get your son admitted to one.

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