Top 10 Girl's School in Kolkata

Choosing a good school for your child is a big deal. Keep away the syllabus and examination related aspects, lies discipline, proper guidance, and good atmosphere of an institution, which are the very essential parameters when choosing a good school. 

In recent times, a lot of parents prefer, girls' school or boys' school, precisely. There are a lot of Co-ed schools but the high demand for girls' schools has led to the development of many girls' schools in Kolkata. 

Kolkata is a metropolitan city with everyone struggling to be better than the other, so in that case, it is very crucial for parents to get their ward admitted to a good rebound school,  for the students, schools provide a friends circle which needs to be essentially healthy and helpful. 

School plays a very important role as it frames an individual's mentality, mends his or her manner, brings out the talents in a being,  responsible for all-round development. Thus choosing an ideal school is very important.

Here, we list down some of the best girls' school in the heart of Kolkata, for the best choice for your daughter:

1. La Martiniere Girl's School:


Type: Private Institution

Address: 4, Rawdon Street, 54 Kolkata,  West Bengal-700017, India

Board of Affiliation: CISCE, (ICSE and ISC)

Founder: Major General Claud Martin.

Establishment Year: 1836

Language: English (First Language)

Campus Type: Urban.

Motto: Labour and Constantia ( By Labour and Constancy)

What makes La Martinere Girl's School a great center for Education?

It is one of the prestigious Schools in the City of Joy. The school is located right in the center of the city with enhances, proper transportation facilities. The School has a great premise, green and healthy. Despite the city pollution, they maintain very sanity and healthy decorum with the premise.

The school avails a choice of the three streams - Science, Commerce and Humanities for +2 courses.

The school has air-conditioned classrooms.
They look after a student all round well being and are well known for hosting many interschool competitions. They have absolutely well maintained, large labs for their students.

Chemistry Lab, Physics Lab, Biology Lab, Fully air-conditioned Computer labs are accessed. 

It has an amazing library for a better guide to students with ample books and question papers for student's guide. 

The library not only has the academic book but also the story and other fictional books for their students. 

They have a sports arena and smart class facilities. They have medical facilities for emergency cases. 
Overall La Martinere for girls is a great school to give your daughter a good education, disciplined lifestyle, and enhance all-round development. 

2. Calcutta Girl's High School:

Type: Private Institution

Address: 118, Princep Street, Kolkata, West Bengal- 700017, India

Board of Affiliation: CISCE, (ICSE and ISC)

Founder: Lord Canning

Establishment Year: 1856

Language: English (First Language)

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: Deus et Humanitas (God and Humanity)

What makes  Calcutta Girl's School a great center for Education?

The Calcutta Girls' school is an old renowned school, which holds its reputation as a great school for girls. Academically or co-curricular activities, it encourages its students to all overgrowth. 

It entails equal effort on the Indian languages as much as they encourage English. They promises give their student a secure future and a disciplined and well-mannered life. 

The area of the school is huge and greenery is everywhere. The school facilitates exclusively equipped laboratories. Science labs are very well decorated. 

The school has a big playground. The uniform is also very appealing. The school is involved in a number of co-curricular activities. 

The transportation facilities are also assessed by the school. They ensure sports facilities for football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, and carom. 

They also have several cultural clubs like music club, theatre club, dance club, piano club, etc.

It is an ideal destination for a thoroughly beautiful growth of your ward in a great atmosphere.

3. Ashoke Hall Girl's Higher Secondary School


Type: Private Institution

Address:  Senior section (class- 6 to Class -12) at 5A Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata, India.
                Junior Section (Nursery to Class- 5)  at Palm Avenue, Kolkata, India.

Board of Affiliation: CBSE

Founder: B.M. Birla

Establishment Year: 1951

Language: English ( First Language).

Campus Type: Urban 

Motto: तमसो मा ज्योतिर्मय  (Lead us from the Darkness to light).

What makes Ashoke Hall Girl's Higher Secondary School a great center for Education?

Ashoke Hall is honestly a great school for your ward. Highly valued and sincere administration has led to the evolvement of the pioneer institution. 

They make the best of their motto for every child through all aspects, academics are well balanced with the co-circular activities, paving paths for their students for opportunities and challenges. 

The institution reflects the encouragement of students both within and beyond classroom walls. The Alumni list in the school notice panel specifies the high bar of the students of the school. 

The uniform is also very pleasing. The institution also provides vocational streams in the morning hours apart from the regular school hours. 

It provides modernized laboratories and a well-garnished library. It has a school bus service available for its students and a good conditioned medical room for any medical emergency within the premise of school. It also facilitates computer-aided learning and other technologically advanced facilities. 

4. Shri Shikshayatan School

Type: Private Institution.

Address: 11, Lord Sinha Road, Elgin, Kolkata, India.

Board of Affiliation: CBSE 

Founder: Jugal Kishore Birla and Ghanyasham Das Birla.

Establishment Year: 1954

Language: Engish (First Language)

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: -(not known by us)

What makes Shri Shikshayatan School a great choice?

If technology and utmost modernization are what you are looking for in a school, then there is no better choice than Shri Shikshayatan. It is a centrally air-conditioned school, well maintained, and provides quality education through the latest technologies. 

They put equal emphasis on academics and other related activities and promote collaborative learning. The institute helps in realizing the student's actual potentials. 

They help every student to grow and present the best to every student individually.

The infrastructure is truly remarkable. Air-conditioned and updated chemistry, physics, biology, computer laboratories help students to grow their interest. 

The school also has a number of clubs,  the debate, extempore club, with other cultural clubs to enhance its pupil's skill and friendly learning. It has a very beautiful well-decorated garden and parks in the front part of the building. 

It has an indoor game set and basketball and volleyball scouts. It looks after an all over well being of your ward and can be an amazing choice because its location is also very good.

5. Bidya Bharati Girl's School


Type: Private English Medium Institution

Address: Kindergarten Unit- Mominpur, Kolkata, India
  Primary Section (Class 1 to Class 4) - Behala, Kolkata - 700063, India.
  Secondary Section (Class 5 to Class 12) - 23A/27, New Alipore, Taratala, Kolkata, India. 

Board of Affiliation: West Bengal Council For Higher Secondary Education.

Founder: Late P.K. Das Gupta and his wife, Smt. Bharati Das Gupta.

Establishment Year: 1965

Language: English Medium

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: - (Not known by us)

What makes The Bidya Bharati Girl's School an ideal choice?

The Institution started with nine pupils, has now reached a student count over three thousand. This is one of the best-known girls school affiliated to the state board. A huge number of students from this pioneer institution rank for the competitive exam. 

The location of the school is also great. Transportation accessibility also enhances its student's count. But the only problem is the school lacks an area. It is a five-story building with not enough space. 

Sorting this drawback apart, it is a well technologically active institute and enhances the development of its pupils from all the aspects. It has availability of school buses for the hassle-free transit of its students. 

They organize several cultural programs and indoor games. Recently they celebrated their 50 years of excellence. This is a great choice for your daughter if you prefer state board that is  West Bengal Council For Higher Secondary education over other boards. 

6. Loreto Day School


Type: Private Institution

Address: 7, William Jones Sarani, Park Street Area, Kolkata, India

Board of Affiliation: CISCE  (ICSE and ISC)Founder: Late Mary Ward

Establishment Year: 1842Language: English (First Language)

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: Maria Regime Angel Orum Cruci owns Spiro Fido (Mary Queen Angles. May breathe I Trust)

What makes the Loreto Day school a great choice?

The Premium institution founded by Late Mary Ward is a significant institution in the center of the city. Along with its wonderful location, it covers a huge area, which very beautifully maintained. 

Just like the eye-soothing greenery inside the premise of the school, wit the green skirt of the school uniform makes the girls look equally beautiful. The infrastructure holds the ancestry of the glorious past of India and Reflects Britisher's Architectural plans. 

The Student of the Loreto Day school secures a very prominent position in any competitive exam and inter-school events. The Pioneer institute looks after the overall well being of their student and motivates them to embrace life from every corner of society and life. 

They also host a lot of cultural and co-circular programs and helps in identifying the talents in its pupils for better growth and choosing the direction of interest and well being. 

7. Carmel Convent School

Type: Private Institution 

Address:  Senior section (class 6 - Class 12) -41, Gariahat Road, South, Kolkata, India 
                Junior Section (Nursery to Class 5) - 19, Deshapriya Park Road, Soth, Kolkata

Board of Affiliation: West Bengal Board of Secondary Education 

Founder: Mother Veronica 

Establishment Year: 1956

Language: English Medium 

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: -(not known by us)

What is Carmel Covent a great choice for your ward?

The creation of Mother Veronica is absolutely disciplined and successfully flourishing school in the City of Joy. Living on the high bar in the graph of academics it also ensures the students for a self-growth in all the aspects of life. 

They are facilitated with the best laboratory infrastructures and well-decorated classrooms. The students also enjoy many interactive sessions and self-grooming classes other than just academics. 

The institute holds a lot of achievements in many co circular inter-school competitions and propagates every student to take part in such activities. 
It has great equipped laboratories for students of higher classes and playgrounds and activity sessions for kindergarten. 

The location is also ideal for traveling from any corner of the city. All the above-mentioned points make the Carmel Convent School a great choice for your wards. 

8. St. Teresa's Secondary School

Type: Private Institution

Address: 72, Diamond Harbour Road, Khidderpore, Kolkata, India.

Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE ad ISC)

Founder: Marie Therese Haze

Establishment Year: 1885

Language: English

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: - (Not known by us)

What makes the school an amazing selection?

The St. Teresa's Secondary school is a well-disciplined school with beautiful front area beautifully designed gardens. The alumni list can claim the goodness of the school. The faculty is renowned and makes the students involved in many charitable and social works.

They look after all-round development of their students. Not only they shape them to be successful but also good human beings. The labs are well maintained and equipped. 

Alike a few other institutes it also reflects the British Architectural plans. The School uniform is also very pretty and the teachers put high attention on the spoken language. 

They take part in a lot of interschool activities and leads a thorough all dimensional development of its pupils. 

9. Gokhale Memorial Girl's School


Type: Private Institution

Address: 1/1, Harish Mukherjee Road, Bhawanipore, Kolkata, West Bengal.

Board of Affiliation: CBSE

Founder: Smt. Sarala Ray

Establishment Year: 1920

Language: English

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: -(Not known by us)

What is special about Gokhale Memorial Girls School?

Located in one of the great locations in Kolkata the institute holds great respect among the city. It is one of the best schools for girls which is affiliated to the State Board. 

Great infrastructures and well-maintained laboratories and classrooms along with play areas and indoor game areas make it a great choice for the pupils. 

The Institute secures a good position in different areas of sports, co circular activities, and academics too. 

This can be an ideal choice for your daughter without any hesitation. 

10. St. Thomas' Girls' School


Type: Private Institution.

Address: 4, Diamond Harbour Road, Khidderpore, Kolkata, India
Board of Affiliation: CISCE (ICSE and ISC)

Founder: Charity School by East India Company

Establishment Year: 1789

Language: English

Campus Type: Urban

Motto: Nisi Dominus Frustra (Except the Lord, build the House)

What makes St. Thomas' Girls' School a great choice?

It is one of the oldest schools in India and covers a large area. It has two big fields and within the campus, there is an engineering college and a boy's school campus. The entire area is very beautifully decorated and is home to a number of big old trees.

The School's location is also very good and it has an accessible school bus facilities. The institute has a number of cultural and event clubs and they host many events for inter-school competition. They look after all over well being of its students. 

It has a very well equipped laboratory and a well-maintained library, with air-conditioned computer laboratories. 

Apart from prioritizing academics hey motivate the student to reach heights in other segments of the society. St Thomas' School is known for one of the faculty in the Kolkata.

Choosing the right school for your ward is very necessary because a school, its ambiance, teaching methods,  influences a student's life greatly. So it is very necessary to read and know about the school details before you decide to get your daughter admitted to one.

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