14 Authenticated Apple Stores In Kolkata

1. Store Name: Imagine

Location: South City Mall

Address: b007 basement floor, South City Mall, 375, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, South City Complex, Jadavpur, Kolkata, West Bengal 700068

Mail-id: Info@myimaginestore.com

Contact No.: 8287482874

2. Store Name: Apple Premium Reseller-Imagine | Systematix Media

Location: Quest Mall

Address: Unit 01, Ground Floor, Quest Mall, Syed Amir Ali Ave, Kolkata- 700017

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 033 2287 0496

3. Store Name: Imagine Tresor Apple Store

Location: Elgin Road

Address: 7A, Ground Floor, Elgin Road, Kolkata- 700020

Mail-id: info@myimaginestore.com

Contact No.: 8287482874

4. Store Name: Imagine Apple Store

Location: Kalighat

Address: 105, Ground Floor, Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Road, Near Kalighat Metro Station      Gate No.5, Kolkata - 700026

Mail-id: info@myimaginestore.com

Contact No.:  8287482874

5. Store Name: emeRGe Apple store

Location: Camac Street

Address: Ground Floor, Shantiniketan Building, Camac St, Kolkata- 700017

Mail-id: -

Contact Number: 033 4070 5123

6. Store Name: Apple Premium Reseller - Imagine - Systematix Media
Location: Sector B

Address: 14 & 15, Ground Floor, Unit, 1858, Rajdanga Main Rd, Shantipally, Sector B, East Kolkata Twp, Kolkata-l 700107

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 083360 68766

7. Store Name: L-Lounge City Centre Mall [Apple Authorized REseller]

Location: City Centre Mall

Address: Shop No. E-106, City Centre Mall, Kolkata- 700064

Mail id: -

Contact No. : 033 4600 4724

8. Store Name: L lounge - Apple Authorized Reseller

Location: Near Writer’s Building

Address: 13+14, Binoy Badal Dinesh Bag E, near the writer's building, Kolkata- 700001

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 033 4003 1850

9. Store Name: Imagine Apple Store, New Town

Location: Newtown

Address: Dash Drone, Action Area IID, Newtown, Kolkata-  700136

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 033 2526 6452

10. Store Name: Macintel Solutions- Apple Authorized Service Provider

Location: Bhawanipore

Address: 14, Besides Maharashtra Niwas, 1, Hazra Rd, Hazra, Bhowanipore, Kolkata-700026

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 096812 99991

11. Store Name: Systematix Media- Apple Authorised Service Provider

Location: Bidhannagar

Address: Unit - 210, City Centre, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 033 2358 7162

12. Store Name: Imagine

Location: Ho Chi Minh Sarani

Address: Srishti Apartment 1st floor, 12, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kolkata-700071

Mail-id: info@myimaginestore.com

Contact No.: -

13. Store NameImagine

Location: Diamond Plaza Mall

Address: Store No. Unit-4 South Dum Dum, Diamond Plaza Mall, Kolkata

Mail- id: info@myimaginestore.com

Contact no.: 08336068763

14. Store Name: Bhajan Lal Commercial (Apple Authorised Reseller + Multi Brand Outlet )

Location: Metropolis Mall

Address: Metropolis Mall, Chakgaria, Hiland Park, Shop No: 10B, Kolkata- 700094

Mail-id: -

Contact No.: 081007 65432

What are the products Apple is Best Known For?

Apple is known for its wide range of products and its excellent service. Starting from
Macintosh to air pods it has a list of amazing products.

Macintosh: the macintosh available in the market are:
  1. iMac (introduced in 1998)
  2. Mac Mini (introduced in 2005)
  3. MacBook Pro (introduced in 2006)
  4. Mac Pro (introduced in 2006)
  5. mac Book Air (introduced in 2008)

Apple also sells a variety of computer accessories for Macs, including Thunderbolt DisplayMagic MouseMagic TrackpadMagic Keyboard, the AirPort wireless networking products, and Time Capsule.

Apple iPhone: Internet-enabled smartphones:

List of iPhone models by Apple.
  1. iPhone [first Generation iPhone] - (introduced in 2007)  
  2. iPhone 3G (introduced in 2008)
  3. iPhone 3Gs (introduced in 2009)
  4. iPhone 4 (introduced in 2010)
  5. iPhone 4s (introduced in 2011)
  6. iPhone 5 (introduced in 2012)
  7. iPhone 5s (introduced in 2013)
  8. iPhone 5c (introduced in 2013)
  9. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (introduced in 2014)
  10. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus (introduced in 2015)
  11. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus (introduced in 2016)
  12. iPhone First Generation SE [has a 4-inch screen size last used with the 5S and has nearly the same internal hardware as the 6S]  (introduced in 2016)
  13. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8Plus (introduced in 2017)
  14. iPhone X (introduced in 2017)
  15. iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max (introduced in 2018)
  16. iPhone XR (introduced in 2018)
  17. iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max (introduced in 2019)
  18. iPhone Second-Generation SE (introduced in 2020)

 Check out the review of the new iPhone XR!                                             

iPad: Media Tablet
  1. iPad (introduced in 2010)
  2. iPad 2 (introduced in 2011)
  3. Third Generation iPad (introduced in 2012)
  4. Fourth Generation iPad (introduced in 2012)
  5. iPad Air (introduced in 2013)
  6. iPad Mini 3 (introduced in 2014)
  7. iPad Pro (introduced in 2015)
  8. iPad Mini 4 (introduced in 2015)
  9. iPad Air 2 (introduced in 2016)

Apple Watch:
  1. Apple Watch Series 1 (introduced in 2015)
  2. Apple Watch Series 2 (introduced in 2016)
  3. Apple Watch Series 3 (introduced in 2017)
  4. Apple Watch Series 4 (introduced in 2018)
  5. Apple Watch Series 5 (introduced in 2019)
*The Apple Watch Series 4 has been discontinued. 


Apple's first and only speaker introduced in 2018.

iPod: The Digital Music Player:
Apple's iPod Touch, introduced in 2001.

Why Should you visit only an Apple Authenticated store?

And Why is it Necessary to buy apple original products?

Apple's Product and Services includes a wide variety of offering with user-friendly attire and becomes one of the most admired companies in the living world. The products are known for their flexibility and satisfactory results in multiple workplaces. It is always preferable to buy and service from authenticated dealers and Apple Stores only. For it provides exclusive service with proper and perfect products for longevity and trouble-free experience. Do not compromise on authenticity and value! Get the right things from the right place for best utilization. Visit your nearby Apple Store to get the best solution to your problem and humble hospitality from Apple Store Members.